Page 1: Personal Data and Privacy Notice

This survey is designed to inform research being undertaken jointly by Arup and Resilience Shift around the resilience of global supply chains in the grocery sector.  While workshops are being held to gather thoughts from all corners of the globe, we are keen to get some initial feedback on how your organisation is impacted by political, environmental and technological events and the measures you have in place to respond to events. 

The main aim of the research is to produce a plan of work for Resilience Shift to follow to assist the grocery sector across the globe in improving its resilience and ensuring that supply chains are maintained and / or enhanced.

We are collecting your business details to inform findings of the survey and to identify patterns between individual sectors of grocery supply chains.

The results of this survey will be anonymised and the way you have answered on behalf of your organisation will not be able to be interpreted from the results published.

This survey will be kept for the duration of the study and will then be deleted.

If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact Graham Stewart (